Flexibility, comfortability and growth are things we all want in the work place. However, the way the work environment is these days, you’d be lucky to come by one job with fragments of those qualities. I am sure such a job does exist, but it is not easy to come by.

For all I’m concerned nothing will ever beat the comfort and flexibility that is established when working-from-home. If you are looking to start a telecommuting career, fret not. It’s actually quite simple to break in to. There are plenty of telecommuters that started right where you are today. All you need is some guidance, consistency, desire for independence, and maybe some supplies.

The telecommuting work force has grown one hundred and fifteen percent (115%) from 2005 – 2015 according to . So, you aren’t the first person to get this idea. The thought of that competition can be dismaying. However, this large and forever growing population of telecommuters experiences no shortages of jobs. With more and more companies joining the online work force each day in many different ways. The number of employers offering a work-from-home option has grown about forty percent (40%) since 2012.


To start working-from-home, it is best you have an idea of what career path suits you best. To help you narrow it down you may want to research a career from the list below. It contains 10 of the most common online jobs.

1. Sales/Customer Service Representative

2. Data Entry Clerk

3. Virtual Assistant

4. Travel Agent/ Travel Counselor

5. Accountant/ Bookkeeper

6. Tutor/ Teacher

7. Writer/ Editor

8. Transcriptionist

9. Graphic Designer

10. Digital Marketer

If your anything like me. It may be hard to narrow down your options. The excitement of all these opportunities can sometimes be overwhelming. However, picking a specialty will allow you to excel in a pool of imminent virtual employees, looking to start a career working-from-home.


Depending on the career you have chosen, you may be required to have more tools than other occupations. However, the basics do remain the same throughout all of these virtual jobs, aside from the basic pens, paper, and pencils. You will definitely need a laptop or desk top. In addition to a fully functioning computer, you will mostly likely need some type of software. Whether it be Microsoft word or Sketchable (an art application). Software is sometimes imperative depending on the job. Make sure you have enough money to invest in the necessary tools. Some companies will actually provide the supplies for you.

A designated work space is highly recommended. Especially if you have children, pets or other obligations. I suggest you set up a chair and a desk in a quiet room. To ensure a quiet and productive work space. This will allow you to subtly set boundaries between your work and home life.


Now step back and take a good look at your mindset, and by mindset I specifically want to mention time management, money management, and structure. All skills needed to be a successful employee, freelancer, entrepreneur, or anybody looking for sustainable income.

Whichever career you chose, your dual title is now project manager. You must learn and strive to manage your time well. As well as keeping a planner or calendar to keep up with projects, duties and deadlines. Organization is key.

Also, if you choose to be a freelancer you will have to ensure you keep track of your income and expenses particularly for tax season. I suggest you take on the perspective of an entrepreneur, blazing your own path to success. Ensuring your finances and products are well organized in order to achieve optimal productivity.

Entrepreneurs are business owners, and business owners have to market their products in order to be successful.


You must understand that when looking for a new job, or a new client, etc., you are essentially selling a product whether it be electronic or service related. Which is why learning how to effectively market yourself is so important. No one will know who you are, if you choose not to.

Know your strengths and weaknesses. Think about the skills and talents you have to offer to the career you chose. Do you have experience? Do you need experience? Do you need a website? A blog? Every job requires you to have a portfolio whether it be a cover letter, resume or sketchbook. You will need to display your skills in some type of format. I suggest you take your time during this process. Your “portfolio” is usually the first thing employers see, and you will want to make your first impression a good one.

You now know what you want to do. You know what your good at and what your not so good at. Your portfolio should showcase your strengths, and not your weakness.

Now you have to SELL, SELL, SELL. Apply to that job. Pitch to that blog. Start networking and connecting with people in your industry of interest.

Marketing can be fun and should be done with attentiveness and originality.


Never give up. Starting something new can be scary and uncertain. This feeling comes with all things new.

Do you remember being a teenager or a young adult and finally landing that first job? I remember being excited and relieved. I remember working hard on a resume and cover letter that offered nothing but a willingness to learn and eagerness to work. I remember not getting any calls. To soon getting interviews. To landing my first job. Would you still be intimidated if you knew the process to start working-from-home is a similar one?

Well, it is!

Except you are wiser and better than you were yesterday, and as long as you continue to learn and try. You will get better each time.

If you experience a tough time finding a job. Look at your strategy and tweak it. Listen to any feedback you get from rejection and apply what you have learned. Do your research and, move forward with new, improved, applied knowledge.

“There are no such things as failures there are only results.” – Tony Robbins.

It all comes down to your perspective. A rejection is not the end. Success is not the end. You must strive to continuously put your best foot forward.


Anybody working-from-home knows that google is your best friend. You can locate a ton of virtual work just by looking through this exemplary search engine.

To get you started I suggest creating a Linkedin profile. This will help establish your online presence as a professional as well as making it slightly easier to network.

There are basic principles to life. If you take heed to them you can and will be extraordinary. Go for what you want with the confidence of knowing. Use the basic principles in this article to achieve SUCCESS!

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