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The new year is typically celebrated by counting down, anticipating the fireworks, usually surrounded by our friends, family, or dog. Each year, we start off with a promise we make to ourselves. It’s more often a promise to do something different, new or productive. 

We seem to lose enthusiasm to fulfill that promise amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, failing to reach the goals we set day after day until the subsequent year. Practicing different habits will help you defeat the cycle of failure, procrastination, poverty, etc. Staying true to our promises require a change of routine. With little consistent effort, reaching our becomes extraordinarily simple.  

The most efficient way to change our habits is to take a different approach to our everyday routine. Understanding habit loops, and how to best approach them will not only make transforming life easier; but it will make it second nature. The secret to success is found in one’s daily habits. Whatever it is we do most frequently will shape our lives. 

When forming a habit our brain begins to embed the coding of that habit in to our subconscious brain, which is responsible for about 90% of how we function on a daily basis. Due to its large capacity for taking in and retaining information the subconscious brain rules over most of our important daily functions, such as breathing. Our brains do this so we can simply function efficiently. When you embed something into your subconscious coding it becomes second nature. Although the subconscious mind is always on autopilot, we can direct it with repetitive conscious thoughts. Therefore, our habits can be directed with repetitive actions.  

Get a calendar and make a conscious effort to actively work on your goal each and every day. Commit to this for at least 30 days. Actively carving out a set amount of time day after day will help a new habit start to form. Although it is common knowledge for a habit to form over a period of 21 days, it could take up to 66 days. It all depends on the habit and the person.  

Focusing on one goal at time will make the act of change less overwhelming and better attainable. It also encourages perfection. One can really delve deep into a topic, action or mindset by researching and intent-fully improving upon oneself, without the distraction of other goals.   

Remember that in the beginning, it may be hard to get things started. The momentum is the hardest to build, but once it’s going, it’s hard to stop. This year we will make that goal a part of us. So much so, a part of us that we won’t even need to think about, we’ll just be doing it. Just keep trying, be persistent and victory will be ours.  

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